Day 31 – Saturday, April 5th

It’s Final Four day, everyone!  That’s right – after 3 years of losing in the Elite Eight game, the Florida Gators have finally made it to the promised land of college basketball – the Final Four!  But before the big game, we’ve got another yacht cruise.  Yes, Susan booked a boat with her yacht club without consulting the NCAA tournament schedule.  I guess if she didn’t book a boat for April 5th, that would be jinxing ourselves, so I decided to go on the boat anyway and have them drop me off early so I could prepare for the basketball game.


We’re all getting together at Off the AVE once again to keep the luck going – Adam put a Gator flag up for the game, and Ariel made orange-and-blue cupcakes!

Off the AVE

Off the AVE


Ariel and her cupcakes


Go Gators!

Day 24 – Saturday, March 29th

Sweet 16 weekend – one of the best weekends in college sports.  Today I’m watching the my Florida Gators in their Elite Eight game against the Dayton Flyers at my favorite sports bar in Delray Beach, Off the AVE.  The place is known for their great sandwiches, delicious pizza, nice beer selection, and their fun & friendly staff.

One of my favorite sandwiches at Off the AVE is the 1/2-lb Pastrami #1, but I made it even better by adding a layer of corned beef!


Pastrami #1 from Off the AVE – with extra corned beef!

That’s half-a-pound of pastrami, lettuce, Thousand Island dressing, provolone, and corned beef!  Excellent!  And to top it all off, the Gators won!  On to the Final Four….

Day 7 – Wednesday, March 12th

Ah, hump day.  How am I going to get over the hump without the salty, sweet taste of bacon today?  Just like I did last Friday – with trusty ol’ breakfast sausages.  In fact, I had such a big breakfast today that I didn’t leave room for my weekly visit to Rob’s and my usual Wednesday lunch spot.  So instead of ordering a plate of “9-1-1” breaded wings after our appetizer, I just stuck to “9-1-1” buffalo shrimp.

"9-1-1" buffalo shrimp at Hooters

“9-1-1” buffalo shrimp at Hooters

So after an important lunch meeting at Hooters, I headed into the office for an hour before my next important lunch meeting at Salt7.  Wednesday they have their “Tsunami Menu” – a bunch of sushi rolls for $3.50 and under.  For that price and the view, you can’t beat it!

Well, with two successful business meetings and a few glasses of wine under my belt, I popped into Off the AVE for a couple slices of pizza and a Philly cheesesteak to bring home to the missus.  Not a bad hump day after all – maybe this week isn’t turning out to be so bad after all.