“15 National Championships BLT”

I just saw this on ESPN’s College Gameday – a BLT with 15 strips of bacon sold at Rama Jama’s at the University of Alabama – one strip for every Crimson Tide football national championship.

15 strips of bacon on that BLT!

15 strips of bacon on that BLT!

While I don’t see myself in Tuscaloosa anytime soon, I like the idea…except my Florida Gators BLT would only have 3 strips on it. ¬†ūüė¶

Day 32 – Sunday, April 6th

Black Gator polo. ¬†Black “shadow” Gator hat. ¬†Black Rolex Deepsea.

Black Gator "mourning gear"

Black Gator “mourning gear”

This is my standard Gator “mourning gear”. ¬†Yes, the Gators lost to UConn in the National Semifinal game last night. ¬†No 3rd National Championship for the men’s basketball team. ¬†I am¬†sooo glad¬†I canceled my trip to Dallas for the Final Four – it would have cost me over $2000 for a big loss in the first game of a long weekend.

That is all for the day.  Oh Рand no bacon.  Ugh.

Day 31 – Saturday, April 5th

It’s Final Four day, everyone! ¬†That’s right – after 3 years of losing in the Elite Eight game, the Florida Gators have finally made it to the promised land of college basketball – the Final Four! ¬†But before the¬†big¬†game, we’ve got another yacht cruise. ¬†Yes, Susan booked a boat with her yacht club without consulting the NCAA tournament schedule. ¬†I guess if she¬†didn’t book a boat for April 5th, that would be jinxing ourselves, so I decided to go on the boat anyway and have them drop me off early so I could prepare for the basketball game.


We’re all getting together at Off the AVE once again to keep the luck going – Adam put a Gator flag up for the game, and Ariel made orange-and-blue cupcakes!

Off the AVE

Off the AVE


Ariel and her cupcakes


Go Gators!

Day 24 – Saturday, March 29th

Sweet 16 weekend – one of the best weekends in college sports. ¬†Today I’m watching the my Florida Gators in their Elite Eight game against the Dayton Flyers at my favorite sports bar in Delray Beach, Off the AVE. ¬†The place is known for their great sandwiches, delicious pizza, nice beer selection, and their fun & friendly staff.

One of my favorite sandwiches at Off the AVE is the 1/2-lb Pastrami #1, but I made it even better by adding a layer of corned beef!


Pastrami #1 from Off the AVE – with extra corned beef!

That’s half-a-pound of pastrami, lettuce, Thousand Island dressing, provolone, and corned beef! ¬†Excellent! ¬†And to top it all off, the Gators won! ¬†On to the Final Four….

Day 15 – Thursday, March 20th

Today is one of the happiest day for me, and every other college basketball fan – it’s the first day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. ¬†Since one of the venues of the first round of the tournament is¬†Orlando (right in my sunny state of Florida), I decided to hit the road early Thursday morning to watch my Florida Gators.

Pitt vs Colorado in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Pitt vs Colorado in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Florida vs Albany in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Florida vs Albany in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

I also got to catch the Pitt-Colorado game before the Gator game.  Since I was on the road so early and ate at the concession stands at the Amway Center, there was no bacon to be had.  Go Gators!

Day 3 – Saturday, March 8th

First of all, I’d like to thank a couple of readers who made me aware of my first Lenten mistake for the year – in my quest to find a replacement for bacon for yesterday’s breakfast, I totally forgot that yesterday was Friday and I that I shouldn’t be eating meat at all. Unfortunately I devoured a few yummy Johnsonville breakfast sausages. ¬†Whoops! ¬†I’m going to have to put a reminder on my calendar to not eat meat on Fridays – it simply felt like just another morning!

Today was a picture-perfect Saturday in South Florida, and we ventured out quite early for a morning on the water before my Florida Gators took on the Kentucky Wildcats for their final game of the regular season.  The Gators won handily, solidifying their #1 ranking into postseason play.

photo 1photo 2

We didn’t have time to make breakfast before heading out on the water, so we ate a couple microwavable breakfast sandwiches before mixing bloody marys at the marina. ¬†So, no time to crave bacon yesterday – I just hope the same goes for Sunday Funday brunch tomorrow!

Day 0 – Ash Wednesday

Last night, I laid in bed pondering what to give up for Lent this year.  Well, actually last night I was on a Bourbon Street-inspired journey along Atlantic Ave celebrating Fat Tuesday by tossing beads and tossing back beers, glasses of wine, and vodka sodas.  So, this morning I laid in bed pondering what to give up for Lent this year, and wondering why I had such a terrible headache.

I believe whatever you give up for Lent should be something meaningful and something you regularly enjoy – you shouldn’t give up meat if you’re already a vegetarian, or give up stone crab claws because you love them, but in reality you only have them once every year.

In previous years, I gave up liquor – but with St. Patty’s Day coming, and March Madness having my beloved Florida Gators destined for a #1 seed, that’s just not going to happen. ¬†So I thought, “What else do I love – on a regular basis – that I can give up for 6 weeks and not go crazy and shoot somebody Pistrorius-style?” ¬†Then I came upon the most beloved of pork product – that which can be enjoyed for breakfast, or on a burger for lunch, or wrapped around scallops for a scrumptious dinner appetizer, or sprinkled on top of fudge and soft ice cream for a dessert sundae – BACON.

When I announced this to my girlfriend Susan, she proceeded to whip up a delicious breakfast featuring some Hormel Black Label bacon, which I gobbled but savored, and headed to church for Ash Wednesday services.

baconThanks Susan! ¬†Hopefully these 3 strips will get me through the next 6 weeks. ¬†Hell – will they get me through the next hour of mass? ¬†Off to church….