Seventh Day of Lent

Susan and I decided to catch up with our friend Danielle, who is one of my best friends, foodie, and 2013 (?) Broward/Palm Beach Yelper of the Year or something like that, so she is always suggesting new places to eat.  She asked me if The Gluttonous Goat will be too tempting.  I’m not sure what she meant by that – maybe that I would break down and order a bacon dish?  Well, I didn’t need to because everything was just as tempting.

She decided to order a few appetizers to get started.  I wasn’t able to document all of them because we ate them so fast, but I got a few shots.  First was the fried mashed potatoes, served with a jalapeno sour cream:

Fried baked potatoes

Fried baked potatoes

The next app were the braised beef brisket tacos.  The beef is made with a chili cilantro rub and is served on the taco with fire-roasted tomato & corn relish – I devoured these:

Braised beef tacos

Braised beef brisket tacos

After a couple more apps we were about to call it a night, but I couldn’t leave without trying the braised short rib.  This came with a caramelized agave glaze, potato aioli, smashed root vegetables, creamed corn, and tobacco onions.  It just fell apart with a fork and was melt-in-your mouth good.

Braised short rib

Braised short rib

Not bad for a meal without bacon!  Finally, the bartender Joe and the co-owner Mike couldn’t have been nicer.  Definitely visiting again soon!

Day 20 – Tuesday, March 25th

I can’t believe it – twenty days without bacon.  I’m actually still a functioning member of society.  I haven’t gone crazy… I haven’t gone off the deep end… and I haven’t broken my Lenten promise… yet.

My girlfriend Susan has been very supportive this Lent.  My friends have been supportive as well (except for the ones that text/tweet/post pictures of the scrumptious bacon they are eating at the moment).  I remember one year when my friend Danielle nearly smacked a vodka cran out of my hand because I was absentmindedly raising it to my lips to take a sip – I had given up liquor that year for Lent.  Thank God for friends.

Today, Susan took my mind off of bacon once again with her wonderful cooking.  She whipped up a beautiful flank steak florentine – a steak pinwheel with spinach and parmesan & asiago cheese.

Flank steak florentine

Flank steak florentine with brussel sprouts

She also broiled some brussel sprouts and made a noodle dish for sides.  I’m getting hungry all over again just typing this… thanks Susan!