Day 37 – Friday, April 11th

The last few Fridays, I’ve traveled the fast food world trying to find the best fish sandwich. I’ve tried McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, Burger King’s Big Fish, Wendy’s Premium Cod Fillet, and even Burger King’s Big Fish Deluxe. Readers have suggested I try Hardee’s contribution to the Lenten Friday Fish Fry, but unfortunately there isn’t a Hardee’s within 128 miles from here.

When thinking about which sandwich to pick up today, I decided, “Screw the sandwich – let’s cook at home.” Looking in the fridge, I didn’t see any fish to fry (or grill or broil or bake) but I did find some shrimp. Not enough shrimp to fill up on, but enough to add to a dish…say, some noodles. Maybe something with some Asian flair. How about some shrimp pad thai?

Rice noodles? Check.
Eggs? Yes.
Fish sauce? Amazingly yes.
Peanuts? Yessir.
Scallions? Yup.
Shrimp? Already mentioned.
Sriracha? A couple bottles of Huy Fong’s cock sauce left.
Limes? One left .
Bean sprouts? Damn… gotta run to Publix.

Well, picked up some bean sprouts – and man, you have to use these things quickly! They go bad in like 4 or 5 days, right? Well, here goes nothing!

My version of shrimp pad Thai.

My version of shrimp pad Thai.

End result? YUM!

Day 23 – Friday, March 28th

Continuing my “Fish Sandwich Fridays” kick, I decided to go back to the old standard – the one that started it all.  Before the Big Fish and the Premium Cod Fillet, McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish ruled the Lenten Friday fast food world.

The Filet-O-Fish reminds me of childhood, cheesy commercials, and overall, a happier, simpler time.  But some of our fondest childhood memories are not as good, or even outright disgusting when eaten in our adult lives.  For example, what kid doesn’t consider Chef Boyardee some of the best Italian food out there?  But now you’re an adult – if you think that bottle of Chianti is going to spruce up that Beefaroni enough to impress your date, you’re sadly mistaken my friend.

So as I waited in the McDonald’s drive-through to pick up my 2 Filets-O-Fish for $4, I thought, “Am I making some terrible mistake?”

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

As I bit into the first sandwich, memories of childhood flooded my brain’s synapses.  The bun is warm impossibly soft as a pillow, the sauce is tangy and delightful, and the fish is light and fluffy.  Great stuff – I could eat two of this sandwiches without blinking an eye.  Oh – that’s why they probably have the “2 for $4” special!