Day 2: Thursday, March 2

After a healthy fish dinner last night, I sat in my home office working all morning when the first pangs of hunger hit me.  I started thinking, “What delicious meat dish am I enjoying today before the first meat-free Friday of Lent tomorrow?”

Suddenly my dog Milo starts barking and running for the front door.  I didn’t hear a knock, but Man’s Best Friend has much better hearing than I do, so I surmised it must be a delivery person leaving something at the door.  After all, I was expecting an Amazon Prime delivery.

When I opened my door, I picked up this bundle of joy:

A package of porkHOLY COW – I mean HOLY PIG!  I then remembered my good friend Bill texted me a few days ago telling me to look up Tender Belly.  I went to the site and found that they are purveyors of such product lines as “Pork Packages” and “Amazing Bacon”.  I scrolled down their site, and found a sight to behold – a looping background of sizzling bacon.  You really need to go check this out… now.

Since Bill won’t be here ’til next weekend, I thought I’d better get this into the freezer.  When I opened the pillow-like package, I found that the contents were still frozen, kept cold by a freezer gel pack and some pretty serious insulation… and some really nice notes!

I contacted Bill, when he asked, “What did you give up for Lent this year?”  Duh.  Well, I guess we’ll have to find some creative way to enjoy this bacon when he visits next weekend.  Oh, wait… Sundays aren’t part of Lent, are they?  😉

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