Seventeenth Day of Lent

For those of you who read yesterday’s post, you probably thought, “Warren, really?  A salad?”  Well, my stomach agreed with you because I was really hungry today!  I let my girlfriend know that, and she decided to make something really substantial for dinner tonight.  And it was an excellent substitute for bacon as well!

First, she cooked up some kielbasa.  You know that Polish sausage with the casing that snaps when you bite into it?  It’s really good stuff – salty, smoky, and delicious… and a great breakfast meat too!  Then she made some red beans & rice, as well a crock of beans on the side.  Finally, she sautéed some spinach in garlic – that stuff was awesome!  Reminded of me being in N’Awlins… must be where Susan learned to cook like that, since she grew up there.  😉


Let me tell you – this dinner was very filling and satisfying!  Well, maybe I shouldn’t have gone for that second helping… and then part of a third.  Speaking of… why do they call them “helpings”?  Because stuffing my face that much ain’t helping anyone….

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