Eighth Day of Lent

It’s Thursday, February 26th.  That means it’s Throwback Thursday.  While, “Throwback Thursday” is a hashtag for old photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (#ThrowbackThursday, or #tbt for short), Throwback Thursdaze is a great deal at Tijuana Flats.

First of all, I like Tijuana Flats because of their vast hot sauce selection.  I’m a hot sauce addict, with around 20 bottles of varying types, flavors, and strengths in my cupboard and fridge at any given time.  Tijuana Flats has a hot sauce bar while dining in, and you can take little containers home with you when taking out:

Hot sauce bar at Tijuana Flats

Hot sauce bar at Tijuana Flats

On Throwback Thursdaze, Tijuana Flats offers a deal on burritos – get one of their hefty stuffed burritos, chips, and a drink for $5.99.  I went with the beef burrito, all-the-way:

Beef burrito to go

Beef burrito to go

Another great non-bacon choice during Lent 2015.  Viva las Throwback Thursdaze!

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