Sixth Day of Lent

It’s February 24, 2015… also known as Taco Tuesday – that day of the week where restaurants try to draw in more customers with taco specials.  We see it as a time to get some great meat eats!

We decided to hit one of Delray Beach’s favorites for Taco Tuesday, a place called El Camino.  On Tuesdays, their entire taco offering is $2 each, and the place is packed all day.  And El Camino doesn’t serve your Americanized, “hard shell with tomato and lettuce and cheddar cheese” tacos.  These are built with house-made corn tortillas and love.

First we went with our favorite, the Barbacoa:  brisket, cilantro, queso fresco, onions, and salsa borracha:barbacoa

Now, because we’re craving bacon, we’ll have some pork… next is the Carnitas:  spicy braised pork, morita salsa, and queso fresco:


Finally, the Pork Belly.  Now, some of you might say, “Well, bacon is pork belly!”  We reply, “Hey – it isn’t cured in sodium nitrite.”  This Pork Belly Al Pastor is made with annatto, N.M. red chile, onions, and pineapple-arbol salsa:


We could have kept on going down their taco menu, but had other places to be.  Plus, the cocktails at the bar are out of this world, so you gotta check El Camino out – Lent or no Lent.

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