First Sunday of Lent

We’ve made it to the first Sunday of Lent, boys and girls, and you know what that means… you may have bacon!!  For those Lent novices, remember that Sundays have never been included as a Lenten fasting day.  That’s how there are 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, but only 40 days of Lent – Sundays don’t count.

So this morning I decided to make it count and involve more bacon that normal for today’s brunch.   First I started by chopping some cooked bacon I had left over from the Fat Tuesday bacon dessert a few days ago.

Chopped cooked bacon

Chopped cooked bacon

Then I made the rest of brunch – including some strips of bacon – and topped the cheddar cheese scrambled eggs with crumbled bacon.

Photo Feb 22, 10 57 14 AM

Photo Feb 22, 10 56 05 AM

Voilà!  Brunch is served!

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