Fourth Day of Lent

After a couple days of breakfast sandwiches, we decided to step it up for the weekend and grab some brunch.  Instead of hitting one of the usual haunts, we tried somewhere we’ve never been before – The Beach Break, a small stand-alone restaurant on the side of Federal Highway.

We must have shown up at the perfect time because the place was full but we didn’t have to wait for a table.  Everyone seemed to be in a good mood – both patrons and staff.  And we could quickly see why – good food on the griddle and a selection of inventive brunch items.  I almost went for the Rajun Cajun Eggs Benedict (served on crawfish cake topped with Andouille sausage Hollandaise sauce), but instead I chose the Breakfast Burrito.  I was really craving meat after abstaining yesterday for the first Friday of Lent, and this burrito comes stuffed with steak!  Also comes with a side of black beans and fresh salsa.

Breakfast Burrito at The Beach Break

Breakfast Burrito at The Beach Break

Susan decided to go with a mushroom, Swiss, and spinach omelet.  She was very specific on her potatoes – she wanted to know if they came diced or shredded.  Their home fries are diced and their hash browns are shredded, so she went with the latter.

Mushroom, Swiss, and spinach omelet with hash browns

Mushroom, Swiss, and spinach omelet with hash browns

Needless to say we were very impressed and we’ll be back soon!  And let me tell you – their bacon looked marvelous… must come back when I can try it!

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