Perfect Bacon Bowl

So it was my birthday earlier this month, and my friends Lisa and Jared gave me the Perfect Bacon Bowl.  Also earlier this month, Fast Company attacked the use of the word “so” to start a sentence, claiming it alienated the audience and showed the speaker’s discomfort with the subject manner.  Just to make it clear – I wasn’t trying to alienate you at the beginning of this blog post… I’m just stickin’ it to Fast Company.  🙂

So, how does the Perfect Bacon Bowl work?  It takes 3 pieces of bacon to make your bacon bowl.  1 piece is cut in half and laid in an “X” pattern to create the bottom of the bowl, and the remaining two pieces are overlaid to create the wall of the bowl.  You need to grease the outside of the bowl before laying the bacon, so it’s a little tricky – you’ve got to mold greasy bacon on a greasy bowl mold.  With a little patience, you’ll get the form you need – then you place the bacon-y mold into the oven for half an hour, and it comes out something like this:


While the bacon bowl with baking (wow, alliteration!), I scrambled some eggs and added some chopped green and red peppers for some color.  I took the bacon mold out of the oven – being careful not to let it slide around on the baking sheet and spilling hot bacon grease everywhere – and let it cool for a few minutes.  Finally, I carefully lifted the bacon bowl off the mold, filled it with my eggs, and viola!


Not bad for a first-timer, eh?

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