Day 44 – Friday, April 18th (Good Friday)

Okay folks – It’s Good Friday.  We’ve come to the last few days of Lent…the culmination of what we’ve been suffering for.  It’s a day of abstinence (no eating meat) and fasting (only one meal).  So for my one meal of the day, I decided to forego all those Fish Friday fast food sandwiches (i.e. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, Wendy’s Premium Cod Fillet, Burger King’s Big Fish) and simply walk downstairs to Banana Boat and see what they have on the menu for Good Friday.

To my surprise and pleasure, they had a great fish platter for lunch today!

Fried fish platter at Banana Boat

Fried fish platter at Banana Boat

So I had a flew glasses of white wine, finished my fish platter, and walked over to church for Good Friday services like a good boy.  I hope you were able to abstain and fast today as well!

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