Day 43 – Thursday, April 17th

Here we go boys and girls… the final stretch.  Tomorrow is Good Friday, and to us Catholics, that means both abstaining (no eating meat) and fasting (only one meal).  So I need to make tonight’s dinner count.  It’s got to be both nutritious and filling.  So, looking around the kitchen cupboards and pantry, I found a bag of potatoes.  I thought, “Mashed potatoes can be filling….”  You know what though?  I have never made mashed potatoes!  Well, I’ve made them out of the box, but never by hand.  So I looked up a recipe online and gave it a try.





I was amazed at how easy it was – just boil the potatoes for a bit, then add some heavy cream, butter, and salt & garlic for taste… that’s it!  Luckily my girlfriend owns that metal thing up there to mash the potatoes.. is it called a “potato masher”?  Who knows….

Then I noticed the spinach in the fridge that I normally use for salads.  I happened to overhear some chick on TV (let’s call her “Rachael”) say that you can stir in some spinach for color or whatever into your mashed potatoes.  So I gave it a try….

Adding spinach to the mashed potatoes.

Adding spinach to the mashed potatoes.

Y’know what?  “Rachael” was right – it looks great and tastes even better.  I assume it makes it a little healthier too, which is always a plus.

So the spinach mashed potatoes were a great side to Susan’s meatballs and bolognese from last night.  Both were very filling, and to make sure that I wasn’t completely starving while fasting during Good Friday tomorrow, I had a “second dinner” around 11:45pm.  😉

Pre-Good Friday dinner.

Pre-Good Friday dinner.




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