Day 42 – Wednesday, April 16th

Hump Day.  Wingsday Wednesday.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s 4 days ’til Easter, which means 4 days until bacon.  To get through hump day, we went to our go-to Wednesday lunch spot – Hooters – for wings and a beer… or four.

"9-1-1" wings at Hooters (with minced garlic)

“9-1-1” wings at Hooters (with minced garlic)

After wings for lunch, Susan broke out some delicious bolognese sauce and hearty meatballs that she picked up at a deli she discovered over the weekend.  Toss on some mozzarella, and mangia!

Susan's meatballs and bolognese sauce

Susan’s meatballs and bolognese sauce

Although there was no bacon in the meatballs, they were great nonetheless… and only 4 days to go ’til some savory meat candy!

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