Day 36 – Thursday, April 10th

Tomorrow is another “no-meat Friday”, so we decided to “go big or go home” – so hence, steak.  As far as sides, Susan made a chopped salad and I made a mac ‘n’ cheese casserole.


I like my steaks medium rare.  The problem grilling to medium rare is that most of the steak is overcooked, and only the center is that delicious pink medium rare that you crave.  This is from the “tried-and-true” method of flipping a steak only once during grilling.  Well, I found an amazing new method of flipping multiple times to cook your steak so that it’s medium rare most of the way through, with only a sliver of each side being well done – and it takes 30% less time than the old-school single-flip method!  You can check out the mind-blowing multiple-flip method at


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