Day 33 – Monday, April 7th

Hangover Monday.  And no, not a hangover from alcohol or other toxins, but a hangover from college basketball.  Today is the National Championship game, and a good part of the nation – and Vegas – thought the Florida was going to be the outright winner of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Alas, the NC game will go on tonight without the Gators – it’s UConn vs. Kentucky (a team the Gators have beaten 3 times already this season).  Will I watch tonight’s game?  Yeah, I guess.  Maybe flip channels between the game and something else that catches my fancy.  I definitely won’t be glued to my TV though.  Everything seems a little more blah today – even my appetite.  Y’know what?  It’s one of those ramen type of days.

My version of quick ramen soup.

My version of quick ramen soup.

I like to spruce up my ramen a bit – or doctor it up as my girlfriend likes to say.  To this shrimp-flavored ramen, I added some fish sauce, red pepper flakes, real shrimp, chopped scallions, celery, carrots, an egg, a squeeze of lime, and sriracha.  Okay, I guess it takes me as long to make a full meal as it takes to make ramen the way I like it.  So I guess my ramen can qualify as a full meal.  But still no bacon….

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