Day 31 – Saturday, April 5th

It’s Final Four day, everyone!  That’s right – after 3 years of losing in the Elite Eight game, the Florida Gators have finally made it to the promised land of college basketball – the Final Four!  But before the big game, we’ve got another yacht cruise.  Yes, Susan booked a boat with her yacht club without consulting the NCAA tournament schedule.  I guess if she didn’t book a boat for April 5th, that would be jinxing ourselves, so I decided to go on the boat anyway and have them drop me off early so I could prepare for the basketball game.


We’re all getting together at Off the AVE once again to keep the luck going – Adam put a Gator flag up for the game, and Ariel made orange-and-blue cupcakes!

Off the AVE

Off the AVE


Ariel and her cupcakes


Go Gators!

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