Day 22 – Thursday, March 27th

Ahhh, Thursday.  Down here in South Florida, Thursday is considered “the beginning of the weekend”.  All the bars, restaurants, and clubs are noticeably busier on Thursdays than Wednesdays, and the streets and sidewalks are more vibrant and well-traveled.

To get the juices flowing for a busy Thursday which will certainly end up being a late night, I decided not to skip breakfast or do the “early lunch” thing – Thursdays definitely need to be fed early.  Luckily, I had a box of Jimmy Deans in the freezer – and I didn’t make the dumb mistake I did last time and purchase the exact thing I gave up for Lent.

“How was it” you ask?  It was exactly what I needed – warm, filling, and a good jump-start to a busy Thursday.

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