Day 21 – Wednesday, March 26th

It’s Wednesday, y’all!  I actually never use the word “y’all”, but I’m in a goofy mood and I thought it would sound funny, especially coming from me.

I guess I get in a goofy mood on “hump day”, because it means it’s our weekly trip to Hooters to see our girl Amanda behind the bar.  But instead of the buffalo shrimp Rob and I normally get, we went straight to the wings.  Today, we did their “9-1-1” sauce – the hottest Hooters makes – because we wanted to start our lunch off with a kick.

"9-1-1" wings at Hooters

“9-1-1” wings at Hooters

After that, I kinda wanted more wings, but Rob decided to switch it up.  Since we were both still hungry, Amanda suggested something filling – the Hooters Lots-a-Tots®.  This addictive appetizer – I mean “Hooterstizer” – are crispy, crunchy tater tots topped with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and chives.

Hooters Lots-a-Tots® - with bacon on the side :-(

Hooters Lots-a-Tots® – with bacon on the side 😦

Because of Lent, I had them put the bacon on the side.  Trust me… their Lots-a-Tots® are much better with the bacon.  Much better.


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