Day 20 – Tuesday, March 25th

I can’t believe it – twenty days without bacon.  I’m actually still a functioning member of society.  I haven’t gone crazy… I haven’t gone off the deep end… and I haven’t broken my Lenten promise… yet.

My girlfriend Susan has been very supportive this Lent.  My friends have been supportive as well (except for the ones that text/tweet/post pictures of the scrumptious bacon they are eating at the moment).  I remember one year when my friend Danielle nearly smacked a vodka cran out of my hand because I was absentmindedly raising it to my lips to take a sip – I had given up liquor that year for Lent.  Thank God for friends.

Today, Susan took my mind off of bacon once again with her wonderful cooking.  She whipped up a beautiful flank steak florentine – a steak pinwheel with spinach and parmesan & asiago cheese.

Flank steak florentine

Flank steak florentine with brussel sprouts

She also broiled some brussel sprouts and made a noodle dish for sides.  I’m getting hungry all over again just typing this… thanks Susan!

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