Day 17 – Saturday, March 22nd

So today my girlfriend is taking the yacht out for one of her monthly “Cruisin’ with Susan” events.  But how am I going to make a noon boarding time in my weakened state?  I mean… no meat on Fridays?  You bet I’m in a weakened state!

Then I had an epiphany… steak for breakfast!  So at 8:30 this morning, I rushed to Publix while everyone was sleeping (read: passed out) around the condo, and picked up a nice 12-ounce rib-eye.  I threw it on the grill and popped a bottle of champagne for mimosas, and at 9am… voila! A nice protein-packed breakfast before cruising!

Breakfast steak and champagne

Breakfast steak and champagne

Well, my friends used the champagne for mimosas by adding some orange juice to their glasses… I opted for the straight champagne with my breakfast steak.  🙂

So, I made the noon boarding time after all, and fun was had by all!



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