Day 16 – Friday, March 21st

So last Friday, I tried Wendy’s Premium Cod Fillet to compare it to its Irish-sounding counterpart at the famous clown’s restaurant.  It was good – but twice the price.  Today, I was thinking about another competitor – Burger King.  When I went to my local BK, I noticed that the menu was missing the fish sandwich that I remember – the Whaler.  Apparently, they changed the name of the Whaler to the “Big Fish“.  So I decided to give it a shot.

Burger King's Big Fish

Burger King’s Big Fish

The consensus?  Definitely worth your money – probably the most bang for your buck among the “big three’s” fish sandwiches.  So if you’re trying to save money during Lent, check out the Big Fish.  However, I still like the name “the Whaler” – it reminds me of the Hartford hockey team.  Check out this great Whaler commercial from 1983.

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