Day 7 – Wednesday, March 12th

Ah, hump day.  How am I going to get over the hump without the salty, sweet taste of bacon today?  Just like I did last Friday – with trusty ol’ breakfast sausages.  In fact, I had such a big breakfast today that I didn’t leave room for my weekly visit to Rob’s and my usual Wednesday lunch spot.  So instead of ordering a plate of “9-1-1” breaded wings after our appetizer, I just stuck to “9-1-1” buffalo shrimp.

"9-1-1" buffalo shrimp at Hooters

“9-1-1” buffalo shrimp at Hooters

So after an important lunch meeting at Hooters, I headed into the office for an hour before my next important lunch meeting at Salt7.  Wednesday they have their “Tsunami Menu” – a bunch of sushi rolls for $3.50 and under.  For that price and the view, you can’t beat it!

Well, with two successful business meetings and a few glasses of wine under my belt, I popped into Off the AVE for a couple slices of pizza and a Philly cheesesteak to bring home to the missus.  Not a bad hump day after all – maybe this week isn’t turning out to be so bad after all.

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