Day 2 – Friday, March 7th

It’s Friday, and it’s going to be a great day.  The storms from yesterday have passed, it’s beautiful out, and it’s the beginning of a long, big weekend.  So naturally I’m going to need a filling breakfast to get me through the morning until… well, lunch.  But without bacon, what am I going to do for meat?  (Because a meal without meat is like a meal without food.)  So I ventured out to Publix and grabbed a pack of our favorite standby – Johnsonville Fresh Breakfast Sausages. sausage While it’s not bacon, it still has a nice salty satisfying pork flavor – and they’re Susan’s favorite, so brownie points for me.  Speaking of bacon, maybe if I can win one of those Oscar Meyer Bacon Scent Alarm Clock devices, I can pretend there’s bacon at breakfast – after all, smell is a major factor in taste, right? Alright, time to enter the contest again – wish me luck.  More to come….

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